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  • Welcome to the new forum. Read this first.

    The Solid Signal Forum is all new!

    After six years on the old forum software, we've made a clean break. The all-new Solid Signal Forum is safer, more secure, and looks great on mobile. There are a few things that you need to know.

    If you were a registered user at the old forum:
    If you've posted here after September, 2017, your username has been migrated but your password may need to be reset. Click the link at top right to login and choose "Forgot password or username" to get a password reset. This was done to increase the security as we went from one platform to another.

    If you haven't posted here in a while, you can try the "Forgot password" route but you may need to register again. We'd accumulated over 15,000 registered users but most were not active forum posters.

    If you're new here and have a question:
    Feel free to register, look around, and ask questions!