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  • HS17-100 Wireless issues and more

    I suspect I know the answer to this question already - have DirectTv replace your HS-17. But thought I'd try to see if someone else has/had this issue and has a resolution:

    Not sure if some of this is a DirectTV question vs Solid Signal.

    Penn State is marked as a "My Team" on the DVR so that all PS games are recorded automatically (From PA living in FL). Last week, on Sunday, when I went to watch the Saturday game, my play list indicated it was recorded on a 4K channel and that that channel is not part of my service.

    QUESTION: Why did it record on the 4k channel and not the, I believe the regular CBS channel?

    So last night, I was watching the Ryder Cup on DVR. The thought occurred to me to verify that the PS game is being recorded and on the correct channel. I selected "guide" on the remote, scrolled to, I believe, channel 5 where the game was already on and an orange indicator showed that it was recording. Just to make sure, I went to my play list, but the game was not there (it had started 45 minutes previously). I went back and forth between guide and play list several times, when I thought I'd stop the recording, the screen asked if it should retain the portion of the program already recorded, I selected yes (orange R indicator went away). Then I hit record on the game on the guide, which game me the orange R indicating recording. I went to the play list and saw that it actually did start recording after and from the point that I manually selected record.

    Wondering where the original portion of the game was at, I rebooted the mini genie to see if that would bring it back. I also went to another TV/mini gene to see if maybe it showed up there. It was not. I went back to the original TV, selected "play list" but there weren't any recordings showing, but at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, it indicated the DVR was 53% full. Again, went to the other TV, hit "play list" and a message came up saying to record something to your play list hit the "R" button.

    Went back to the original TV, rebooted the mini gene again. When it came back on I received a message "unable to connect to a router" and try again. Tried again, same result.

    At this point, I called DTV tech support, gave them the symptoms and told her I already tried resetting the mini. She asked me if I tried resetting the HS17, I said no.
    So, I did. When it came back on, I received the same message "no servers found". I looked at the HS17 to find that though the blue light (status) was blue but the wireless light (should be green) was not illuminated. Just to troubleshoot, I rebooted my wireless router. After it finished the reboot process I was (still) able to connect wirelessly via my laptop, Roku, phone, ect. However the "wireless" light on the HS17 was not on. So, I rebooted the HS17 (FYI, I tried rebooting several times using either the red reset button or unplugging for 15 secs), when the HS17 was attempting to come back on, I could see the "wireless" green light flashing. But, after a few minutes, it stopped flashing resulting in no wireless light on.

    Well, I think that explains it. This is the worst time ever for this to happen (if there is a good time), apparently I missed the big Penn State vs Ohio State game yesterday, I have Sunday ticket but since this is not working, will not not be able to watch or record "my teams", and can't watch/record the final day of the Ryder Cup (on now).

    Anyone...Any thoughts??? DTV technician is supposed to be here today between 12 and 4 pm, but in the meantime I have no TV AND I suspect his resolution will be to swap out the HS17 which means all my DVR recordings will be lost (I understand you can not transfer DVR shows to another HS17).


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    Probably a swap out.... but also note that sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes for a full reboot.


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      RESOLUTION: The technician came to the house, did his normal troubleshooting, but didn't know what the problem was. Fortunately, he called another tech on the phone to let him know that my HS-17 was only showing a blue light on the front (no light for wireless). Other tech said he had that same problem with another, said he replaced the connection leading directly into the satellite (outside) and it fixed it. Though this didn't make any sense to me or the tech (what does that have to do with wireless?) he went ahead and replaced the connection - it worked. Reset the HS17 which resulted in two green lights on front of the HS17, return of my service, and return of the play list. The only thing missing were the programs that were supposed to record to my playlist when/after the system went down.

      Tech said he wasn't sure if it was just because he disconnected the cable from the Sat (did something different to the system than resetting the HS17) or the fact that he replaced the connection. I'm confused but either way, this apparently works for at least two of the same issues where only the blue light is showing on the HS17.


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        It's interesting, because the blue light is supposed to indicate that the Genie 2 has no clients added and that it's ready for its first one. I do know that the wireless will not work unless the device completely boots up but I wasn't aware that loss of satellite connection would cause this condition.

        I hope the tech logged his results so they can be analyzed.